21. heinäkuuta 2010

Again I had some time I didn't write anything here but it was because I've been so busy in last couple of weeks. Last week I spent in Spain with my brother Aku, my baby sister, my dad, his girlfriend Marjo, Marjo's son Max and god-son Jiri and her friend Lyyli. It was TOO HOT in Spain, we had too small flat to all of us and I spent nights trying to sleep in the couch which were too short to me so I didn't get very much sleep while we were in Spain. Still I quite enjoyed our time in there.

My blog's starting to be some kind of photography blog because I'm always just sending photos. I just think they're telling more than my words can never tell. So here's some photo's from Spain.

The journey started from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Felt like I've been there too much in this summer (just because I came from England......). There's my lovely brown suitcase and mom's car. And me and Aku of course.

This picture has already been taken in Spain. In the background you can see our Supermarket "Supermercado" called Mercadona. In the picture from right there is my little sister (in the pram), me, Max, Jiri and Aku.

We went to eat pizza but then "us kids" got bored so we went to the beach. It was nice and not too hot because it was evening.

We didn't have a car so we used a train which had nice and cool air conditioning inside it. In this picture I'm waiting for the train.

Some beautiful rosaries when we went to some kind of market place where were so much stuff and people.

My loveliest little sister. She gave me a smile!

Then we went to carnival where was so much noise and people. I don't even understand how I could be there in that noise. Still we had great fun even if end of the evening everyone were so tired.

We found so old and big tree!

They were looking to eternity? Or just to the sea when it was so dark. I couldn't even see where the sky started and sea ended.

I think it's good to stop here. Tomorrow I have more pictures I want to put in here. I'm going to be at home for next, well, three days. Then I'll go to the art-camp called Life10 which I've been waiting for whole the year. I'm so excited! Before that I'm going to meet some of my friends just like today I met my friend Suvi. I'll tell more about that tomorrow because now I really have to get some sleep.

11. heinäkuuta 2010

The first picture is not related in any way to this day but I wanted to add it to this entry because it's just something you HAVE TO DO in the summer: run in the summer rain (or cycle like we did as well)! I really enjoyed it. (you can't see it very well but we're just too wet in this picture and it's raining so much!)

Then some pictures to tell you about today. It's too hot and too sunny and I'm going to melt in any moment. Tomorrow we'll travel to Spain and I don't want even to think about how hot it's going to be.

This picture's of me and my mom as you maybe noticed. In the right there's my mom when she's about in my age and then there's picture of me (which is really bad quality, I'm sorry) just few weeks ago. Something similar between us?

I started to pack my stuff for Spain.................

Hair! (cool?)

This picture doesn't need an explanation.

I kissed a safety lovely seagull which is flying just above my bed. (and please notice my lovely rastahair which my friend maya made me just few days ago - even if they look so ugly and dirty in this picture, haha)

Some pictures of my room - enjoy!

And my mom's old folk dancing shoes which are just a bit too small to me. Still I'm sometimes wearing them because I just absolutely love them!

My mom took me and my brother to the beach today (but it wasn't by the sea, just a small small, and so pathetic, lake), I WENT TO SWIM, can you imagine? (please don't even try) It was good, the water was +25C and air +32C. We bought some ice cream and then I was just singing in the car with Nightwish which I used to admire few years ago.

Yesterday I met my friend Laura, I'm waiting for pictures from her so I might put some of them here later. I don't know about her but I had great time. We were sitting in the park and talking, being quiet, taking some photos and eating in Mc Donald's, haha. I'm waiting still I can meet her again!

And now the rest of the day I'll be packingpackingpacking and then making some food with mom, maybe watching a film and just being lazy because it's so hot. Don't even ask what I'm going to do in Spain....................................................

8. heinäkuuta 2010

12 days ago we (my mom, brother and I) drove 4 and half hours to Middle Finland where my grandparents live. I had great time even if I was a little bit suspicious first. I didn't have lot to do but I went to graveyard collect some beautiful names, I looked around the second hand shops which are so good and so cheap when you're not in the big cities. I went to swim even if I don't like it and I just spent time with my grandparents, brother and mom.

Last Thursday I went to summer camp because my friend Sirja asked me to go there. I didn't know anyone except Sirja and her husband Jukka before but I had great time near God. I could have spent there some more days. Sadly I didn't take pictures in the camp.

Next I'll put in some photos I've taken - there's quite lots of them. I don't like to explain my photos too much (or maybe I'm just too lazy) but if I think they need explanations I'll write something. Enjoy!

This first photos I took when it was quite boring just sit in the car and do nothing. I can't even read while we're driving because I'm getting sick. The first one picture is my mom driving her loveliest car!

As you see it was a bit boring some times and after I took pictures about everything else there was only me and Aku left to take pictures about.

Next morning in my grandparents' house. Mom went outside with her pajamas and looked like from a fairytale or something. I like!

Me and mom!

Here you can see four generations. From left: my mom Sirpa, my great grandma Liisa, my grandma Maija and me.

We found a great big swing with my mom!

Mom went to swim, I was too lazy and didn't want to - in the first time. Next day my grandma and I went to swim as well.

My granddad has the most lovely bicycle I've ever seen (you can't see it very well in this picture but it's just perfect!).

Me and my mom understand a lot about cars................ Because mom drove back home she needed to check the oil ("tarkistaa öljyt" ??) from the car. I helped a lot and took pictures..

There's so beautiful fountainhead where we took some water to drink.

Then we went to see that high tower which has made to see landscapes. It's in the middle of nothing - just nature and I liked it. Here's Aku when we're walking to that tower.

And here's the tower!

Granddad and grandma!

I collected some flowers and blueberries while we walked back to our car.

So. I really had great time even if I did something different I'm normally doing. Still every summer we're going to see my grandparents and being in a totally different place than our home which is quite near a bigger city.

At the moment I'm a bit ill and tired. Last night me and Aku took a bus from Pihtipudas to Helsinki which took 6 and half hours. Both of us had about 3 hours sleep. What made us more tired was our huge luggage. Finally we were back home about 8 o'clock on the morning and I went straight to bed. Aku's still awake, he must be deadly tired.

I'd like to see someone today because I DON'T want to sit inside and do nothing. First thing I have to do is go to buy some food because we haven't got very much to eat, haha. But then I could try to reach someone of my friends and DO SOMETHING. And meet someone!

Hope you enjoyed the photos, I don't think they're too good but they tell very much about my time at my grandparents'. Like they say: picture can tell more than a thousand words. And I've got so many of the images so....