21. heinäkuuta 2010

Again I had some time I didn't write anything here but it was because I've been so busy in last couple of weeks. Last week I spent in Spain with my brother Aku, my baby sister, my dad, his girlfriend Marjo, Marjo's son Max and god-son Jiri and her friend Lyyli. It was TOO HOT in Spain, we had too small flat to all of us and I spent nights trying to sleep in the couch which were too short to me so I didn't get very much sleep while we were in Spain. Still I quite enjoyed our time in there.

My blog's starting to be some kind of photography blog because I'm always just sending photos. I just think they're telling more than my words can never tell. So here's some photo's from Spain.

The journey started from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Felt like I've been there too much in this summer (just because I came from England......). There's my lovely brown suitcase and mom's car. And me and Aku of course.

This picture has already been taken in Spain. In the background you can see our Supermarket "Supermercado" called Mercadona. In the picture from right there is my little sister (in the pram), me, Max, Jiri and Aku.

We went to eat pizza but then "us kids" got bored so we went to the beach. It was nice and not too hot because it was evening.

We didn't have a car so we used a train which had nice and cool air conditioning inside it. In this picture I'm waiting for the train.

Some beautiful rosaries when we went to some kind of market place where were so much stuff and people.

My loveliest little sister. She gave me a smile!

Then we went to carnival where was so much noise and people. I don't even understand how I could be there in that noise. Still we had great fun even if end of the evening everyone were so tired.

We found so old and big tree!

They were looking to eternity? Or just to the sea when it was so dark. I couldn't even see where the sky started and sea ended.

I think it's good to stop here. Tomorrow I have more pictures I want to put in here. I'm going to be at home for next, well, three days. Then I'll go to the art-camp called Life10 which I've been waiting for whole the year. I'm so excited! Before that I'm going to meet some of my friends just like today I met my friend Suvi. I'll tell more about that tomorrow because now I really have to get some sleep.

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