11. heinäkuuta 2010

The first picture is not related in any way to this day but I wanted to add it to this entry because it's just something you HAVE TO DO in the summer: run in the summer rain (or cycle like we did as well)! I really enjoyed it. (you can't see it very well but we're just too wet in this picture and it's raining so much!)

Then some pictures to tell you about today. It's too hot and too sunny and I'm going to melt in any moment. Tomorrow we'll travel to Spain and I don't want even to think about how hot it's going to be.

This picture's of me and my mom as you maybe noticed. In the right there's my mom when she's about in my age and then there's picture of me (which is really bad quality, I'm sorry) just few weeks ago. Something similar between us?

I started to pack my stuff for Spain.................

Hair! (cool?)

This picture doesn't need an explanation.

I kissed a safety lovely seagull which is flying just above my bed. (and please notice my lovely rastahair which my friend maya made me just few days ago - even if they look so ugly and dirty in this picture, haha)

Some pictures of my room - enjoy!

And my mom's old folk dancing shoes which are just a bit too small to me. Still I'm sometimes wearing them because I just absolutely love them!

My mom took me and my brother to the beach today (but it wasn't by the sea, just a small small, and so pathetic, lake), I WENT TO SWIM, can you imagine? (please don't even try) It was good, the water was +25C and air +32C. We bought some ice cream and then I was just singing in the car with Nightwish which I used to admire few years ago.

Yesterday I met my friend Laura, I'm waiting for pictures from her so I might put some of them here later. I don't know about her but I had great time. We were sitting in the park and talking, being quiet, taking some photos and eating in Mc Donald's, haha. I'm waiting still I can meet her again!

And now the rest of the day I'll be packingpackingpacking and then making some food with mom, maybe watching a film and just being lazy because it's so hot. Don't even ask what I'm going to do in Spain....................................................

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  1. Jee oot osannu laittaa kirjat oikein hyllyyn! :D go värijärjestys<3

  2. ihana huone, ihana kirjahylly ja ihanimmat kengät !

    tykkään kovasti lukea ja katsoa blogiasi :---)