25. elokuuta 2010

I'm not writing too much because I've got lots of other things to do. I moved to Ryttylä last Sunday and I was quite nervous about it but I wasn't anymore when I met my roommates and saw the place where I'm gonna stay next 10 months. And (at least at the moment) I'm really happy with everything.

I'm staying with 4 other gorgeous girls: Serja (who I share the room with), Iina, Kerttu and Olga. I took couple of pictures of our flat so you can see where I'm staying for next ten months.

First there's picture from me and Serja's room. Not whole the room, just my side of it. There's my bed and tables. I tried to make it more cozy but it's still quite empty and looks cold to me. When I'll visit at home in 2 weeks I'll bring some more stuff.

This is our kitchen and my friend Iina staying in there.

This is the living room which is quite empty too. We have to work on that.

We've had quite many lessons and I haven't been making notes very much because they're giving us handouts so we need just to listen. And that makes it even more boring (I mean it's not boring but when you're sitting and listening like 6 hours per day it's a bit tiring). So I'm all the time drawing some pictures. I've made so many of them yesterday and today and they're so nice (not GOOD but nice). In the end of the year I have to share so many of them here (I think I'll got quite many of them till that even if we're studying music, dancing and theatre in couple of weeks).

It was raining today (and yesterday and about everyday)... The autumn is coming. And I LOVE IT.

This is the house we're staying at. But only the side on the left is for us (you can see the out door there in the left down corner). The house is called "Haltiala" which says something about elves. I love this house, it's old and a bit scary. But so beautiful.

This is the chapel building where we've had all the lessons in last few days.

This is when we went to buy some food with Iina.

And we found so lovely text bits when we went there!!!! (this one means: Jesus died for me)

And this one means Jesus Is The Lord.

I love this place. Still it takes some time to feel this is like home. Like I've told before I'm studying music theatre. It's 5 of us in the music theatre class and all of as are girls. Next week we'll start making a demo scene and then week after that we'll perform it around Finland. How cool is that? I'm still a bit nervous. More than a bit!!

It was a good surprise for me it was couple of people I knew before studying here for next year. I've got someone who I know even a little bit before so I feel like I have someone to talk to if I needed.

I can everyday see more and more how God's here with me. And He will be!

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  1. Uuu ihanan näköinen paikka! Pääsitkö sä nyt siis johonkin kouluun vai miks tuolla asustelet? :)

  2. Aivan mielettömän kauniin tuntuinen paikka, ja nuo tekstinpätkät tuovat jotain ihanaa vielä lisää. Miten toiveikasta ja rauhallista tuolla mahtaakaan olla, kauniiden piilotettujen lauseiden keskellä! ♥

  3. oi miten ihanan näköistä siellä on! ♥