28. elokuuta 2010

In last days I've had so lovely post came to me. And every letter or package I've got have made me so so happy (my friends here can surely tell that's true :D)! Yesterday I had BIGBIG package and then other one so lovely black envelope flowers on it. There was some magnets from my lovely friend Laura. I put them on my lamp which is top of my bed because it was the only place I found from my room where they'd stay on.

And then I got SO BIG package from my mom. There was lots of loveliest stamps on it and I was so happy when I got it. There was a hairdryer! And how lovely one! I'm so happy, now I've got my own hairdryer. It's white and looks lovely, now I'm just about going to take a shower and then trying my new hairdryer!! Thank you mom, I love it and I love you!

Here's me and my friend Iina yesterday when we was going to do some food shopping. She's one of the girls who I'm staying with like you probably noticed. I'm happy I've met her because I'm having really good time with her!

We found one more! I love these!! (now I don't even have to translate it because I think everyone's gonna understand what it says - because it's not in Finnish)

Today we're going to Riihimäki which is a bit bigger village near Ryttylä where I stay. We're going to take a train, it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the railway station (well the station is so small, there isn't even the station building) and then it takes 7 minutes to go to Riihimäki with the train. I'm really looking forward to it which is kind of a bit funny because normally I'm going to the centre of Helsinki. Riihimäki is nothing compared to Helsinki but I'm just so excited!!

Then tomorrow it will be Iina's 18th birthday and it'll be me and Iina's name day too. So we're gonna have a big party (haha I don't think so). I'm still waiting my own 18th birthday which is 15th September!

But now I'm off to shower so I won't be late from the train!

2 kommenttia:

  1. kun rakkaus sataa ♥. Hyvä että se kirje ehti, kun vein sen laatikkoon klo 16.40 ja se laatikko oisi pitänyt tyhjentää jo 16.30.... piditkö puusta?

  2. onneksi se ehti, se teki oloa hyvin iloiseksi ihanaksi ♥ ja pidin hyvin paljosti puusta, se on aivan ihana ja ikkunalaudallani tällä hetkellä kunnes saan sinitarraa ja laitettua sen seinälle.