13. elokuuta 2010

Sunday evening we were sitting on the kitchen table and watching incredible thunder [uskomaton ukkonen] which passed across the sky. I love the lightning and the rumbling of thunder. Like anything bad couldn't touch me because there's something bigger which rules whole the sky. And because sky's on the top of the earth. And because God is above all. I'm safe. [and because I have best friend I could imagine in that moment with me]

Next day we went to Porvoo. I was blind and I trusted her fully. I took some pictures, the first ones are a little bit boring (BUT nice coloured). Iines and the random nature photographs.................

Nature? Well........

I'm totally in love with PhotoFiltre and my new idea to edit photos..... (as you see)

[nature pics stop here, kind of]

And yesterday I met her last time for months, maybe. I'd hope not but. There's schools to go, there's too much kilometres. But there's hope, there's caring, there's yearning, there's love, there's faith and trust.

Now I'm looking forward because the summer's ending. Tomorrow I'll have my audition to one Christian music theater college in Ryttylä (no Suomen Ev. Lut. Kansanlähetysopiston musiikkiteatterilinja, miten se käännetään järkevästi?). I'm not sure if I've been talking about this before but anyway, tomorrow will be the audition which is gonna include something about music, drama and dance in the group, then there will be an interview and 3mins long solo performing. I'm going to play the piano (I've finally made a decision what I'm going to play and it'll be Yann Tiersen: La Valse d'Amelie). I'm not nervous really but I'm a bit stressed. I don't know what it's going to be. Hopefully they still take me in to that college which fortunately is really likely.

I've been playing the piano for whole the day (after I woke up like 12.30pm), I've been listening to Owl City and being in Internet (sadly mostly in Facebook). Now I'm waiting for my mom from work and we'll probably go to swim to a lake is near to us. Today I really have to go to bed early. Tomorrow is going to be exciting. And on Sunday it'll be my little sister's christening. Then I'll have one more week of summer holiday (but I have to prepare many things) and then HOPEFULLY I'll move to Ryttylä for the college 22nd of August.

I'm having a break from practicing with the piano so I'm going to take some photos. First I have to choose which one of your proposals I shall implement...

3 kommenttia:

  1. Ah toi La Valse d'Amelie on IHANA <3 Pelkäsin sitä ukkosta tosi paljon, se riehui täälläkin ja soneran puhelin/nettiliittymät ei toiminu ollenkaa seuraavana aamuna, vasta 15-13 välillä alkoi toimia. Ei mulla muuta sanottavaa nyt.

  2. Mä en tiiä miksi, mutta vaikka pelkään melkein kaikkea mahdollista niin ukkosta en pelkää vaan rakastan. Nautin paljon siitä ukkosesta. Etenkin kun mulla oikeasti oli ihan parasta seuraakin ((:

  3. noi kaikki kuvat..... niiiiin ihania!