18. elokuuta 2010

That morning I was nervous. I woke up after 6am. I went to my audition. And now I've got a new college to go. I'll move there on next Sunday. But this picture is before I knew if I'm going there or not. The sun's just rising.

The day after my audition it was my little sister's christening. Her name is Mila.

There's me and Mila. I've finally got a sister I always wanted. Isn't she gorgeous?

I just love this photo! And I could put just how many pictures ever of her.

I found something beautiful and something magical from our garden. The autumn is coming. You can see it because of the light.

I wrote some sheet music down because I haven't got a printer. I'll tell more about this sheet music later.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Sun nuotit on kyllä ehkä hellyttävimpiä ikinä, noi on ihan tuommosia piirroselokuva nuotteja. Ja Mila pieni on kyllä soma.

  2. Oiii Mila on ihana...söpö! :D

  3. Ihana pieni. Olisipa minullakin pikkusisko! Ja kuvat, mitä valoleikkiä <3

  4. sun blogi
    ihan mieletön
    ja positiivinen
    tykkäään sun pukeutumisestas aAAA