13. syyskuuta 2010

Sorry I haven't been making entries in a long time. My life today is a bit more busy than it was before and I'm all the time doing so much. And to be honest I don't even want to be in contact in to "outside world" so much when I'm having such a good time in here.

To tell something I put some photos from last week when we had tour around some parts of Finland with our musictheatre group. We had a short clip which we acted in 3 different places: Aulanko, Ylivieska and Pieksämäki. We spent so much time together and I think our group is even closer than it was before.

So the tour was about sitting in car for long times, setting up and unsetting (is that even a real word haha) scenes, playing the scene and having fun between but we were so tired (well I was) almost all the time so the jokes was stupid - which made them so much more fun! The best one came from Iina:
"Kiinnostaako Raamattu?
"No ehkä vähän."
(in English: "Are you interested in the Bible?" "Maybe a little bit.")
You may ask what was so fun in that but I can't explain it! But we had our green t-shirts which had text on it ("Kiinnostaako Raamattu?").

Now I'm feeling really good about being back in Ryttylä and studying here with all this awesome people. That week and tour was really good to us and I'm happy I did it. It wasn't easy and especially the performing was difficult to me but I did it and I know it wasn't too bad! We're good! (and a little ad: if your church or school wants us to perform please contact!)

And then to the pictures. There's no pictures from the play because I was acting so I couldn't take photos. But some others.

In this first one you can see the awesome Kiinnostaako Raamattu -t-shirts. Enjoy! (there's Iina and me in this photo)

This is from the cottage where we spent 2 nights. The girl is Olga who is so lovely! I loved that place too, it showed me really concrete way how God's work is perfect and how creative He is!

I hate this picture because of the butterfly. I think the picture is nice but the butterfly................ If someone didn't know I'm so scared of butterflies!

The lovely campfire! We roasted marshmallows! And it was so dark around everywhere because we were middle of nowhere in the forest but then there was our marshmallow fire!

Hihi, lovely mushroom which Iina found!!

At the moment everything's well and we keep doing our play which will be about 40mins long in the end. I'm a bit ill so I'm not doing that well because I'm feeling so bad about all the time. I can't get very much sleep because my nose doesn't let me breathe!

Now I really need to get some sleep. Hope you're still liking to read my blog even if I'm not writing so often. Hope you all are well! How are all of you?

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  1. Ou, mukava kuulla sinustakin jotain piykään aikaan :)
    Tuli tällainen mieleen, että mitä kameraa käytät kuvatessasi?

  2. Joo, tosiaan on kirjoittelu vähän jäänyt kun on jotenkin niin paljon tekemistä ja olin tuolla reissussakin juuri.

    Mun kamera on jokin niinkin normi kuin Canon EOS 400D ((:

  3. Tuli hyvä mieli kuulla että sinulla on siellä hyvä olla. Ihania kuvia, eniten pidän toisiksi ylimmästä. Ihana ihana syksy. Ja luonto on niin kaunista.

    Paahdetut vaahtokarkit! Mmm. Minulla olisi vaahtokarkkeja kotona piironkini laatikossa pussillinen, jäänyt kesäiseltä mökkireissulta. Joskus tahdon illalla paahtaa niitä nuotion ääressä kotona, ulkona huvimajassa. Sitten kun on aivan pimeä syysilta ja soihtuja ja kynttilöitä ja kaikkea ihanaa. Syksy syksy syksy <3

    ps. pidän sinusta

  4. Oi oi hienoja kuvia! Eritoten sieni on oikein ihQ. <3