12. lokakuuta 2010

Sorry, no more photos yet. Our Internet isn't still working so I can't use my own laptop which means I can't upload my own photos. Maybe one day you'll see some of them again. 

At the moment I'm pretty tired. Can't even say more. College isn't that tiring but still it feels like. Every day 8.30-16.30 but now it's only 2 days behind on this week. How am I gonna survive for the rest of the week, may I ask? And it isn't that half past four I'd be free to do what ever I'd like but I've promised to play the piano in different performings (so I need to practice) and write a monologue for my friend.

And because I've got lots to do I stay late up at night which makes me tired of course and what makes me feel even worse - of course. But good news always are that every day it's one day less till England! (atm 12 days) It makes my day every day and I'm just dreaming about it at nights. I couldn't have use my birthday money better!

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