29. joulukuuta 2010

If I could I'd write a poem about sadness. 
Sadness to be somewhere else. 
Sadness which makes you cry because you care so much. 
About yourself and about them. 
Sadness when you remember smile that has sent to you while walking under the clock tower. 

I would write it to you. 
With love. 

With love that exist. 
(I mean love from God - of course) 

I would cry if you asked me to drink a cup of tea. 
"Two sugars and milk please."
If I really had an opportunity to come. 
Stay for a while. 
Walk back home. 
Not fly. 

I would leave it all behind again. 
If I had a splinter of it staying for an hour. 
Making memory for a week to have joy
Missing for it an other. 
Wasting months to forget it. 
(or just trying) 

And then start it all over again. 
All because of your love. 
"My love." 

And I would do it again. 
Hundreds of times. 

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