20. kesäkuuta 2011

Have no idea why but this week has totally been like an English speaking week. I haven't had anyone to talk to in English but I've had great conversations with myself and people who I know but who are just not able to be here right now. I've got the feeling my English is getting worse all the time and I'd want someone to tell me that I've got an accent in my speech and I'm doing very well and my English has improved (like everyone used to tell me in England). The only problem is that it hasn't because I haven't been able to speak it. 

Today we went to Suomenlinna with Milla. I visited there couple of weeks ago as some of you might remember and realized how easy it actually is to get there - and cheap. The trip with that boat is totally worth of 2 euros. Well, today we didn't really have great big plan but we walked around, took some photos, had breaks just for sitting down and eating sweets and finally after couple of hours we got back to the Market Square. 

These two following pictures are about Milla who I think is incredibly beautiful person - outside and inside. I love listening to her talk and her voice and I like the way she just is. I don't really know what but there's something really special at her being. And I really like how she looks like. Sadly in these pictures you won't be able to see her face but somehow these two still happened to be my favourite ones (and actually I didn't even take that many photos, probably I'll have to make an other trip to Suomenlinna this summer and go there just for doing a photo shoot. That day has to be when it's not looking like it'll start raining in any minute). 

After getting home I've felt so tired that I can't even describe it - and I don't even know where that tiredness comes from. So I let myself just watch the telly, chat with friends online and play the flute which is a new thing for me. I don't even know if you can actually call it playing when I'm making random noises out of that instrument. Anyway, the flute itself looks really beautiful and I'm learning all the time, couldn't be worse so I can just succeed. I can already make six different notes out of it. Pretty impressive? :D

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  1. kylläpä olit kauniisti musta kirjottanut :> vähän on kuvissa hiukset huonosti mutta olkoon :DD oisit sanonu niin oltais voitu puhua englanniks ;)